The economic solution for forced air heating

The economic solution for forced air heating is a premium bypass style humidifier that mounts directly to a furnace to provide humidification to the entire home. This humidifier is equipped with an industry-unique ceramic media pad that does not need to be replaced regularly. Instead, the ceramic media can be easily removed by the homeowner and washed in a standard dishwasher cycle, then replaced back into the humidifier. The humidifier is also linked through Wi-Fi to the Condair HumiLife mobile app for remote control and monitoring.

Benefits of the economic solution for forced air heating

Energy-efficient operation

Air humidification takes place at a moderate water temperature of 60 °C that requires little energy and is therefore particularly efficient and economical.

Simple installation

System installation is simple and requires mounting to a furnace. It is therefore fitted at a central location in the utility room and does not require any changes to the main living space.

Perfect, automatic adjustment

The system uses a humidity sensor to ensure situational and autonomous operation. This keeps the air humidity in the rooms constant and at your preferred level – without you having to move a muscle.

No refilling of water

The system is connected directly to the mains to ensure a steady supply of water used for humidification, without any manual replenishment of water.

Powerful connectivity

Remotely control and monitor the humidification system with the Condair HumiLife smartphone app. Integrate into existing smart home platforms to control multiple devices from one location.

How the economic solution for forced air heating works

The economic solution for forced air heating is a bypass-style humidifier which introduces humidification by passing some warm furnace air across a unique ceramic evaporation pad. Install this directly to your furnace to supply your entire home with healthy and comfortable humidified air. Simple installation and automatic operation makes the economic solution for forced air heating a seamless solution for improving your home’s indoor climate.


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The economic solution for forced air heating

Air humidification you can only feel, but never see.